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(Now registered under the name of Premium Vision DMCC,
Dubai, UAE) is Volgaburmash exclusive agent and
representative in the Middle East & Africa countries.

Our mission

Our mission:
To enrich the

Oil market with new products and services based
on unique technologies from world industry leaders

Our vision

Our vision:
To build long-term
transparent cooperation

with our partners on the basis of high quality
equipment and high-performance
comprehensive services

Stock list

Our UAE stock location is established to ensure the shortest delivery time to the customers working in the region. With maximum three working days our bits can be delivered to any location all over the Middle East & Africa countries.

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About us

PDC bits production
This workshop is a complete independent PDC manufacturing facility.  Core bits and reamers are also manufactured in this workshop.
The PDC production facility is equipped with advanced furnaces, high-precision СNC machines, machining centers and other equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers. This ensures the high quality products Volgaburmash offers.
Raw Materials
All materials and components used in the manufacturing drill bits undergo a thorough incoming inspection in accordance with the technical requirements. VOLGABURMASH laboratories are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, which allows determining the chemical composition, verifying the metallurgical, physical and mechanical properties, and measuring all the required dimensions and parameters with high precision. More
Volgaburmash Press shop where the legs and cones forged billets are manufactured is equipped with die-forging hammers, unique hot forging presses with 4000 tones capacity, electrical furnaces for heat treatment of forgings, and specialized machinery for removing the oxide slags. More
TCI production facility
Volgaburmash metallurgy shop is equipped with the most modern equipment to produce high strength hard alloys. The TCI drill bit contacts with the formation via its tungsten carbide cutting structure, so the good quality TCI is a key element to ensure high performance and high durability products. More
Leg and cone pre-machining
Legs’ and cones’ forgings undergo preliminary machining, where metal-cutting, welding and surfacing equipment produced by world’s leading suppliers is used. Due to this, a high quality machining is guaranteed. More
Thermochemical Treatment
Volgaburmash thermochemical workshop is equipped with unique fully automated high accuracy vacuum and chamber furnaces. Applied thermochemical technology and used equipment guarantees precise control of   main parameters, achieving maximum components’ strength, and consequently increasing the reliability of the final products. More
Leg and Cone Final Machining
Following thermochemical treatment and thorough operational quality control, all components enter final machining shop. This shop is equipped with modern machining centers, milling machines, grinding machines, boring machines, hydraulic presses of the world’s leading manufacturers from USA, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. More
Roller cone bits assembly
Volgaburmash technology applies revolutionary backlash-free assembly and electron-beam welding, which ensures bit’s design parameters unchanged. More
Quality control
Operational and final quality control including all laboratory analyses and inspection procedures are made by professional personnel with high responsibility to ensure all the bits’ parts are made in full conformity with the designed constructions and applicable standards. More
Research and Development
Design and development of new bits is carried out by Volgaburmash Specialized Design and Development Bureau, during which existence has been obtained over 300 patents and realized over 1500 innovations.
Volgaburmash design engineers work in 3D software systems Siemens NX, used by the world’s leading companies. These software packages provide three-dimensional designing and working out the technology of bit components machining with high precision. This enables us to master any features required by the customer in a very short time.

Roller cone bits

Volgaburmash manufacturers wide range of three cone drill bits for oil &gas, industry. It has huge inventory of different designs of drill bits ranging from 2 15/16 to 26” in diameter for drilling any applications. Different production lines with different features are established to meet the customers’ requirements and enable them make the right bit selection.

PDC bits

Using the most advanced technologies and design programs, Volgaburmash managed to manufacture high performance PDC bits for using in the toughest applications and drilling conditions. VBM PDC production facility is equipped with unique equipment to enable it manufacture any types and sizes of Steel and matrix body PDC bits.

Mining Bits

Volgaburmash manufactures big selection of mining and construction drill bits with supper bearings’ designs, effective cutting structure, and patented protection features that guarantees the high performance and durability of the bits. Three cone bits as well as DTH bits are manufactured according to clients’ requirements.

Drilling Tools

Volgaburmash manufactures different types of drilling tools including hole-openers, stabilizers, reamers, subs and many others. It also can master and manufacture any special tools for use in different applications and for various drilling purposes.