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Stock List

Our UAE stock location is established to ensure the shortest delivery time to the customers working in the region. With maximum three working days our bits can be delivered to any location all over the Middle East & Africa countries.

The relatively wide range of drill bits for use in oil & gas, mining, construction and water well drilling is a great opportunity for drilling contractors to plan their bits consumption on short-term basis. Thus, they don’t have to stock their own bits and take the risk of this, which we take for them keeping our stock inventory always fresh and renewable.

The stock inventory with bits quantities is structured basing on our distribution territorial chart and our clients’ consumption of drill bits. It also considers the tides of drilling activities based on international and local economical and political factors. Our marketing team calculates the expected sales’ contracts basing on potential projects and orders, studies the related risks and gives its recommendations to fill the inventory with different sizes and types of drilling bits.

The stock management works very closely with Volgaburmash marketing and production departments to ensure the manufacture and supply of the required drill bits on time. Consequently our stock inventory is renewed on weekly basis with new arrivals from our principal in Russia-Volgaburmash. Moreover, our engineers provide Volgaburmash design and technological bureau with bits’ records, oilfield feedbacks and other technical data to improve the current designs and master new ones to meet the growing market requirements and always to enrich our inventory with high performance bits. PDC bits are usually designed and manufactured on case-by-case basis for certain intervals with certain drilling conditions.

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