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Our UAE stock location is established to ensure the shortest delivery time to the customers working in the region. With maximum three working days our bits can be delivered to any location all over the Middle East & Africa countries.

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Drilling Tools: Reamers


Reamers are applied for reaming and hole-opening in medium and hard formations. Reamers enable to ream horizontal sections, as well as sections with high intensity of changing the parameters of curvature without the risk of spontaneous sidetracking.

Some Types of Reamers:

Designation Type Size: mm / in PIN Size, “API REG Total
length, mm
Length of the Working surface, mm
CT H133/M133 CT 218 19/32 Pin NC50/Box NC50 965,3 100
CT H147/M147 CT 212 8 11/32 Pin 5 1/2 FH/Box 5 1/2 FH 963,8 100
CT H86/M86 СТ 142,9 5 5/8 Pin NC31/Box NC31 813 350