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Our UAE stock location is established to ensure the shortest delivery time to the customers working in the region. With maximum three working days our bits can be delivered to any location all over the Middle East & Africa countries.

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Volgaburmash Middle East & Africa

VBM Premium Vision DMCC

Volgaburmash Middle East & Africa (Now registered under the name of Premium Vision DMCC, Dubai, UAE) is Volgaburmash exclusive agent and representative in the Middle East & Africa countries.

For more than 16 years of existence in the Middle East & Africa drilling market, the company succeeded to sell tenths of thousands of drill bits for oil & gas, mining, construction and water well drilling industries. Basing on its recommendations hundreds of new drill bits designs have been mastered and manufactured for this region. With its rich experience and qualified technical and marketing personnel, Volgaburmash Middle East & Africa managed to serve as a bridge between different Volgaburmash departments and local operators. It collects, analyzes oilfield and feedback data and sends with its recommendations to the related Volgaburmash departments for further realization into new bits' features or new designs and other technical resolutions.

Volgaburmash Middle East & Africa (Premium Vision) has been established to make the services for clients working in the region closer and faster. Through our central stocking location in Ajman Free Zone, UAE with smaller stocking facilities in different Middle East & Africa countries, we can fulfill the orders from any of our clients in the a/m countries in a very short time. Our professional technical team is always ready 24/7 to assist Volgaburmash clients, answer their questions and provide the related technical support. Our reliable sales engineers can take care of any order within a very short time.

Volgaburmash Middle East & Africa (Premium Vision) provides technical and commercial negotiations with all Middle East & Africa customers, including Volgaburmash prequalification in oil and gas sectors, signing contracts and collecting related payments.

Volgaburmash Middle East & Africa (Premium Vision) is authorized to name its official agents and representatives to act on its behalf and on behalf of Volgaburmash in all the Middle East & Africa countries and sign with them the related agency agreements.

We always care to offer high performance three cone and PDC bits with related services continuously developing them according to oilfield and clients 'requirements on the basis of competitive quality and price.