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Our UAE stock location is established to ensure the shortest delivery time to the customers working in the region. With maximum three working days our bits can be delivered to any location all over the Middle East & Africa countries.

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Quality Managment

Volgaburmash Quality Management System (QMS) controls all aspects of the Company’s operations from signing contracts for the manufacture of products to their shipment to the Customer. QMS is certified by ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 29001, and API Specification Q1. All drill bits manufactured by Volgaburmash are certified in compliance with API Specification Q1 and API Spec.

The results of the periodical audits performed during the last 10 years confirmed full compliance of Volgaburmash JSC with international standards. This stability of quality is due to the professionalism of VBM personnel, using the most up-to-date technologies and modern equipment, as well as the strict and on-time control of manufacturing process.

All materials and components used in drill bits production pass additional quality control before they are approved. All manufactured parts also are inspected for compliance with the design documentation and the related standards before they are allowed for further assembly. Volgaburmash Quality Control Department with its few laboratories has the most advanced equipment and latest devises and high accuracy instruments to guarantee the high quality of final products.

Volgaburmash research laboratory provides final tests on samples of ready products in simulated field conditions to study the wear character of different parts of the bearings and cutting structure. Such serious and expensive tests are provided to guarantee the efficiency and durability of the manufactured bits before releasing the final lot to end-users.

Used bits delivered to the research laboratory from oilfields alongside with bits’ reports and customers’ feedbacks are thoroughly analyzed for further modification of the designs and improving the performance.

VOLGABURMASH, JSC has a comprehensive approach to quality control of its production to ensure that its customers get the drilling bits complying with international quality standards.